One of our sold listings is going to be famous!

One of our sold listings is going to be famous!

Earlier this year we listed the home of Leita Cobb located at 149 S. Georgia Avenue in Winterville, Georgia.  A Victorian farmhouse in the center of town, the home was built circa 1866 by John Winter and his brother, Christopher Winter,  both of whom had immigrated from Germany in 1860. After a brief stay in Charleston, South Carolina, and then Augusta, Georgia, John Winter and his wife Anna Margaret decided to visit Christopher and their cousin Henry, who was train depot keeper, then known as the Six-Mile-Station, a wood-and-water stop six miles east of Athens, on the Oglethorpe-Clarke County line.  


John and his bride not only visited, they stayed and built their home at 149 S. Georgia Avenue. Shortly thereafter, John became the depot agent and the postmaster of this tiny budding town.  The rail stop eventually became known as Winter’s Station, and in 1866, the Oglethorpe Post Office was designated as Winterville Post Office.  The town itself was incorporated in 1904.

Photo courtesy of . Georgia’s Railroad History & Heritage. © Steve Storey


Over the years there has been minor updating to the home, but the overall character and appearance of the home has remained the same and has remained in the Winter family until this most recent sale brokered by our very own Christina Hammond.

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As reported in The Athens Banner Herald , Winterville Mayor Ferrelle Dodd purchased the home earlier this year. The Mayor moved from a home owned by Henry Winter, the first German to arrive in Six-Mile-Station on North Georgia Avenue to John Winter’s home at 149 S. Georgia Avenue. HGTV took an interest because of the charm of the house and the interesting history. They filmed an episode of their wildly popular House Hunters in Winterville during the Dodd’s move.

We are excited to watch the episode, airing November 8th at 10pm on HGTV, and see this charming home and the town of Winterville showcased nationally!