Good things are blooming!

Happy Spring!

It’s spring!! Well, almost.  Spring officially starts on March 20th, but the weather has been good to us, flowers are starting to bloom and we have spring fever, so let’s just call it SPRING!

Where have we been, or better yet, what we have been doing all winter? Read on!  

Trifecta Real Estate Advisors has been digging in deep over the winter months.  We have looked inward and outward to see what steps to take to grow our business, what avenues we need to look at for our marketing, and how we can continue to serve our community.  That’s some heavy stuff right there! We want to better reach and serve our clients past, present and future. We want to be a resource whether you are planning to buy or sell, or you just settled into your dream home and have questions.  The closing table isn’t the end of the deal, it opens up opportunities for to be a resource for you!

So what are we gonna do about it?  Some of it you are seeing it right now! Welcome to our Blog 2.0.  Starting this week we will be posting and sharing our weekly blog.  We are spending time developing content based on our many years in real estate and putting it into a useful, friendly format for you.  Of course we don’t want to be dull and boring, so there will be more than just Athens real estate factoids, don’t worry. And since it is really for YOU we are putting it all together, feel free to send us a topic you want us to dig into!  Want to be sure you don’t miss a thing? Sign up to get our blog delivered to your inbox here. 



What else? Trifecta Real Estate Advisors has also revamped our website!  With new and improved ways to search for a home, showcasing our featured listings, and more dynamic content and visuals, we are thrilled with the way it is coming together.  Big thanks to Brantley Senn for helping us out! We have also set up our own YouTube channel-take a virtual tour of one of our properties or catch us on our Out and About with Trifecta playlist.  We’ve also added Instagram, Pinterest and updated our Facebook page. Not only are these great ways to stay in touch with us and see what we are up to, but we are learning they are fabulous ways to promote and market our listings, gather information and share it with potential clients.  Winning! 

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Now, keeping up with all of this is a job in itself, right?  Correct! Which is why we have hired Wendy Jackson, formerly with The Georgia Club Real Estate Co, to oversee all of these channels and our marketing efforts in general.  We know what we do best, and we knew it was time to have someone in house that knows the ins and outs of social, web and traditional media.  Wendy has been a licensed real estate agent for over 10 years, so not only is she well versed in marketing, she knows how to apply it all to the real estate industry.  We are thrilled to have her on our team, and hope you are too!


So that is what is ‘blooming’ over here!  We have been ‘planting the seeds’ for a great 2018 all winter long and we can’t WAIT to see what pops up this spring!


Donna & Christina