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2019-A Look Ahead

The real estate industry moves from ‘buyers market’ to ‘sellers market’ frequently and usually without much fanfare. A market shift, even a slight one, requires a change in mindset.

What about the OTHER Dawgs?

We have a phenomenal football team here in Athens, but you knew that, right? I mean, what is fall without #SaturdayinAthens, the traffic, the tailgating, and of course, calling the Dawgs?     You would think that is all UGA Athletics has to offer! But that would be a big mistake! In fact, this fall, … Read More

Real Estate 101

Schools back is back in full swing in the Athens area! For most people school bus yellow is our new favorite color, downtown is now impossible to navigate (or park), and homework is back on our daily agenda. Athens and the surrounding area provide a multitude of fantastic educational opportunities for its residents.  From an award-winning … Read More

Will Rock for Food

Almost every Realtor has their pet project, their passion, their community service, their outlet for volunteering and giving back to the community.  While some agents incorporate their philanthropy into their business model & their marketing, most support their community without calling attention to it. At Trifecta Real Estate Advisors,  has long been a supporter of women’s education, … Read More

Can you register for a new home?

June is wedding season and with weddings come gifts and registries.  Etiquette has changed over the years and many brides and grooms have requested cash or down payment contributions for their first home as part of their wedding registry. How does this type of thing work? Is it considered tacky or rude?  What are the … Read More