155 Keystone Court Athens GA

This 2.21 acre homesite in Athens popular Shoal Creek Farms neighborhood is a rare find for sure.  This community is located just a quick drive from East Athens, out to where the roads get longer, the scenery gets prettier and your stress levels start to dip.  On our way  to this amazing lot  we passed pastures, gentle hills and got to see … Read More

1111 Coventry Road WAtkinsville, GA

What can we say about this charming farmhouse?

Well it was love at first sight for us, that is for sure. Never mind that we have an affinity for farmhouses in general-this one is truly a must see.
Before we even stepped inside, we were given a tour of the property by the owners. Sprawling over 6 acres, 1111 Coventry Road is actually comprised of two lots, one with direct access to Colham Ferry Rd. The owners had originally thought of building another house for extended family, but decided against it, and now the lot is open pasture, and home to their delightful group of chickens.

The main homesite is breathtaking. It offers custom landscape, but not so much that it needs a lot of care or maintenance. Full of native shrubs and bushes, it feels like the perfect place to play hide and seek, go on a scavenger hunt or take a nature walk. Large wooded areas open into grassy knolls at every turn, we even spotted the kids ‘secret’ camping area.  Ideal for hanging hammocks, climbing trees, or relaxing with a good book, ( I do not know where you want to fit this is but it might be good to say at one point this was actually a nursery) we were content to stay outside, but of course-we were there to tour the house!

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Updated business practices-march 2020

We wanted to take a minute to let you know how we are handling the current recommendations from our community leaders with regard to our business here in the Athens and surrounding areas. First, please know that we take this very seriously, but we also understand that sometimes you do not have a choice when … Read More

2019-A Look Ahead

The real estate industry moves from ‘buyers market’ to ‘sellers market’ frequently and usually without much fanfare. A market shift, even a slight one, requires a change in mindset.

What about the OTHER Dawgs?

We have a phenomenal football team here in Athens, but you knew that, right? I mean, what is fall without #SaturdayinAthens, the traffic, the tailgating, and of course, calling the Dawgs?     You would think that is all UGA Athletics has to offer! But that would be a big mistake! In fact, this fall, … Read More

Real Estate 101

Schools back is back in full swing in the Athens area! For most people school bus yellow is our new favorite color, downtown is now impossible to navigate (or park), and homework is back on our daily agenda. Athens and the surrounding area provide a multitude of fantastic educational opportunities for its residents.  From an award-winning … Read More

Will Rock for Food

Almost every Realtor has their pet project, their passion, their community service, their outlet for volunteering and giving back to the community.  While some agents incorporate their philanthropy into their business model & their marketing, most support their community without calling attention to it. At Trifecta Real Estate Advisors,  has long been a supporter of women’s education, … Read More